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Sports Apparel Company Sees 37% YOY Revenue Increase

With $1,000 as an initial investment, and ready to leave a 3-hour commute behind, the married mavericks behind Anfield Shop’s beginnings set up shop in 2010. Nine years later, they supply Liverpool Football Club fans with an extensive selection of officially licensed LFC gear. Being diehard Liverpool fans themselves, it’s been a dream come true to serve the North American segment of “the world’s biggest football family.”

Anfield Shop has seen great success in the last few years, requiring them to move to a new and more spacious headquarters. Alisha and Josh Weiss take pride in bringing people joy through their products and providing a means to make a living to their 15 employees.

Maintaining growth
through major
business change

“We spent a significant investment on capital,” said Alisha Weiss, President of Anfield Shop. “I originally designed the system for this 6-8 years ago, and it was not built for a company of 15.”

On top of that, Anfield has some heavy hitters to compete with online, like Amazon, Fifth Sun, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. As a small business, Anfield understood that competing with these larger competitors will always be a challenge, one that requires expert maneuvering and a heavy online presence. All of these changes consumed time, manpower, and other resources. Anfield Shop couldn’t afford to run their advertising in house. However, with all of their plans for the future, they also couldn’t afford to hand over their performance marketing to the wrong company.

Thanks to their serious growth, Anfield Shop executed several major business changes:

Increased their staff
Acquired more sophisticated equipment
Moved to a larger headquarters
Refined supply chain processes

The last 12 months have been so busy in terms of the move and the equipment. Alpine has been left to their own devices for a lot of it. I’m sure they would love to have had me available a lot more than I was. But it’s so reassuring that they took as much value as they could from those pockets of time that we could get together and talk about things, and then perform.

Alisha Weiss
President of Anfield Shop

Confidently continuing with
paid advertising

All of Anfield Shop’s internal changes and new developments left little spare time in Alisha’s schedule. But she knew she could rely on Alpine. Alpine’s unique approach produced a robust campaign structure rooted in a blended strategy of search,PLA shopping, and remarketing campaigns. This blended approach allowed Alpine to diversify its efforts and target broader search terms in some channels and more specific terms in others. Due to the precision of the 12-step process, Alpine was able to analyze, plan, and modify what was already working for Anfield Shop over time. They used Anfield’s momentum to improve their results.

Before Anfield partnered with Alpine, they had a single Google Shopping campaign that was capturing largely branded and very specific long tail traffic. Alpine segmented campaigns out by product types as well as devices and implemented query-based sculpting. Query sculpting is an advanced Google Shopping strategy that involves routing and scaling bids for higher value queries.

Alpine also developed a robust, segmented search campaign strategy that provided greater coverage to all available product categories with the ability to react quickly to changes in product availability, team performance, and other internal data. Product data was also optimized according to best practices and Google Merchant Center requirements. This included, but was not limited to, adding product variants, enhancing product titles and descriptions, adding structured product categorization, leveraging custom labels and implementing custom rules to resolve data integrity and conflict issues.

Finally, various bidding strategies were tested. They determined the best approach required manual CPC layered with custom scripts that factors internal data such a stock levels, product popularity and demand, as well as product level profit margin.

2019 Performance Marketing Impact

Increase Revenue

56 %

Estimated lift in brand awareness

63 %

Increase in Transactions

68 %

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

5.1 x

Outperforming previous year helps to prepare for strong new year

Anfield Shop saw an approximate 37% year-over-year revenue increase in 2019 when compared to 2018. The advertising strategy gave Anfield Shop the bottom-line revenue they needed to hire new employees, invest in direct-to-garment printing equipment, and move to a larger headquarters to support their rapid growth.

With their paid advertising performing so well and continuously growing, Anfield Shop is focusing on offering a better and more experiential shopping experience. Due to their current growth, Alisha and Josh are also working on building a healthier company by continuing to refine their business processes, and work on creating a more experiential shopping experience.

“I was very jaded after a while with a lot of the companies that I worked with.” Alisha explained. “It was different with Alpine because, as a small business owner, if you know the company you’re working with is working for your success just as hard as you are, it just isn’t as scary.”

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